Job Search Tips

Felon Families has available a collection of pre-printed materials to provide guidance
and helpful hints to felons returning to society regarding various aspects of finding
jobs, securing jobs, dealing with job related events, etc. Search the following topics
and if a felon family members wishes to secure pre-printed materials on the topic
or topics of their choice then simply write to:
Felon Families
c/o Life Resources Ministry
3715 Williams Blvd.
Suite 200
Kenner, Louisiana 70065
and include in your letter the topic or topics of interest and your mailing addreess and
the appropriate pre-printed materials will be forwarded to you free of charge.
*Just Laid Off
*I Quit! Leaving a Dissatisfying Job
*Fired From Last or Previous Job
*The Post-Military Job Seeker
*Re-entering the Workforce
*Changing Careers at Mid-Life
*Just Graduated From...
*People with Disabilities
*Job Search Issues for Women and Minorities
*Managing Unemployment
*Handling the Stress of the Job Search
*The Role That the Family Can Play
*What Employers Expect from Employees
*How Occupations Are Categorized
*Training Opportunities
*Using Your Local One-Stop Career Center
*Government Jobs
*Using Private Employment Agencies
*Entrepreneurship as an Alternative
*Using the Internet in Your Job Search
*Newspaper Want Ads
*Job Fairs
*Help Wanted Response Form
*Cold Call Telephone Log
*Choosing a Career
*Identifying Your Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
*SCANS Competencies
*Ideal Job Worksheet
*Identifying Salary Needs
*Selecting a Career Counselor
*The Job Application
*Sample Employment Application
*Resume' Writing Made Simple
*Writing Chronological and Skills Resumes
*Sample Chronological Resumes
*Sample Skills/Functional Resumes
*Internet Resume'
*Cover Letters
*Dealing with Negative Information
*How to Assess Local Labor Market Information
*Interviewing for Information
*Researching the Job and the Employer
*Daily Job Search Planner
*Interview from the Interviewer's Point of View
*Dynamics of an Interview
*Preparing for the Interview
*Pre-Interview Checklist
*Thank You Notes and Follow-Up
*Pre-Employment Tests
*The Job Offer
*How to Read Your Paycheck
*Keeping Your Job
*Setting Goals At Work
*Communicating At Work
*Time Management at Work