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who we are


Felon Families is a hub of resources and programs designed to help families living in the Greater New Orleans area with a loved one incarcerated in a federal or state prison facility navigate their quality of life with a prayerful, faith based approach.

When someone in the family goes to prison many other people are impacted...spouses, children, parents, other relatives, and friends. All those left behind to cope without the incarcerated loved one develop both practical and spiritual needs in their absence. Especially if the family member sent to prison is the principal bread winner the economic distress caused by that loss creates many negative ripple effects throughout every aspect of that family's life.

our mission

a.Hope and help for families with an incarcerated loved one.

The Felon Families website serves as a free and convenient, one-stop resource for families of the incarcerated and family members who have paid their debt to society.

b.Re-Entry services and resources are important to someone released from incarceration.

Former felons re-entering into society will find information about available faith-based agencies and faith based churches and organizations in the Greater New Orleans area which provide a wide array of subsistence assistance in the form of food, housing, utility help, transportation needs, and more, as well as various personal counselling and health services, not to mention worship opportunities.

This website does not solicit donations nor make donations. It simply publishes resources that bring hope, and whose generous services are freely available.

Our Vision

Felon Families hopes to reach out to all prisoners and their families in the Greater New Orleans area working through the established network of prison chaplains and faith based organizations in order to connect them to services, programs and job opportunities that are readily available to improve their quality of life and help restore them to normalcy.

The Felon Families website brings those resources and services to anyone with an Internet connection. Hope is as close as your fingertips.

Who We Serve


In 2016, Louisiana has 108,000 disenfranchised people, accounting for 3 percent of the population. That's about 847 people for every 100,000 residents in the state which is more than twice the national average according to the National Institute of Corrections. This includes 35,614 in prison, 31,450 on parole, 37,761 on probation, and 3,211 in jail. The majority of these disenfranchised people in Louisiana are black, including 70 percent in prison, 64 percent of those on parole, and 58 percent on probation.

The impact of this massive disenfranchisement on families is well-articulated in this 2016 Policy Report from the Ann Casey Foundation:

In the State of Louisiana, the negative impact of incarceration on families is full covered in the following Times-Picayune series entitled "Family Sentence".